With customized projects, DEI takes centre stage

The Valore D experience with companies, at the service of companies

Valore D makes its experience available to companies that want to create an inclusive organization, which encourages individuals’ talents and uniqueness by offering corporate consultancy programmes leveraging its 15 years of experience. This in turn makes it possible to emphasize the virtues of diversity within an integrated, multi-dimensional vision, keeping the focus on people and businesses, and working alongside every single organization on the construction of an inclusive culture.

A 6-phase strategy for the development of corporate organizational models

Valore D works with businesses to help them achieve their objectives in the field of diversity and equal opportunities, offering custom solutions for every company and every set of requirements.

Measuring inclusion

Valore D helps companies to analyze processes and organizational policies in order to provide a clear snapshot from which to develop a custom pathway towards the inclusion of diversity.

Listening to people

Valore D analyzes peoples’ perceptions. Being inclusive means listening to and understanding day-to-day-life in the company in terms of issues of diversity, equity and inclusion.

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Designing new models

Valore D looks at the existing organizational models through a DEI prism and, if necessary, makes the necessary changes to encourage behaviour that makes the most of any differences, thus accelerating the process of change towards a more inclusive company.

Leveraging uniqueness

Valore D strengthens existing expertise and creates new skills with specially designed programmes for the inclusion of diversity, so that everyone can be the best version of themselves and develop their ability to have a positive impact within the company.

Contributing to inclusion

Valore D stages training and interactive engagement sessions with other organizations, with a view to motivating and fostering the growth of individuals within the company, thus enabling the dissemination of the culture of inclusion inside those companies.

Disseminating inclusion

Valore D contributes to the construction of communication and engagement activities to amplify the internal and external impact of the companies’ DEI policies.

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Leveraging the strengths of Valore D to make your company more inclusive

Valore D is by the side of companies to help them grasp the opportunities offered by sustainability and to implement custom operations built around their needs.

15 years of experience

For Italian institutions and businesses, we are the go-to partner on matters of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion.

Valore D’s best practices

Valore D shares best practices across its network to contribute to the inclusion of diversity in the workplace.

A multi-dimensional approach

Valore D addresses diversity by focusing attention on people, business and organization.

An engagement with companies

Valore D offers benchmarking with its wide-ranging network of member companies thanks to the Inclusion Impact Index Plus

Gruppo di professionisti aziendali che ascolta i consigli di una consulente esperta.
Primo piano di una professionista all’interno di un ufficio.

Want to learn about the initiative in more detail?

The advisory projects: facts and figures

Companies that are capable of making the most of diversity perform at a higher level and have greater success in the market. It is not just a question of fairness and equal opportunities; rather it is a key factor for the growth of organizations.

Number of projects implemented
+ 0
Number of companies involved
+ 0
People trained in 2023 on the advisory programmes
+ 1000

The companies that have chosen Valore D as their partner have their say

We aim to reach full equality of treatment and opportunity by 2026 both for new recruits and for those already working in the organization.

Mauro Ghilardi
Director, People and Transformation

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With Valore D, we put together a survey to launch a DEI project: it provided the first opportunity for listening, which then allowed us to engage more pro-actively with people.

Marzia Bonifacio
Head of Diversity & Inclusion, Learning & People Engagement

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We have held sold-out meetings with internal and external role models, to create awareness and open up a personal, tangible engagement on DEI.

Diego Rossi
General Manager

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The cross-company mentorship project with another seven companies gave us an incredible opportunity for engagement and hybridization.

Luca Miglierina
Country HR BU General Medicines and D&I Lead

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Younicity Platform

Younicity is Valore D’s platform where people of member companies can access services and training experiences on Diversity, Equity and Inclusion.

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Training experiences

Training designed for member companies promotes a corporate culture that is capable of making the most of everyone's input to create inclusive contexts.

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Cross-company mentorship

Member companies have access to various mentoring courses to accelerate learning and the bolstering of transversal skills.

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Best practices

Every member company can consult a wide range of best practices on Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, collected across companies in Valore D’s network.

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