With Valore D’s network, we promote an inclusive culture day in, day out

Valore D’s network of companies: a network with which to grow and create an inclusive environment

By becoming part of the network of companies associated with Valore D,Italian businesses can become members of a community that shares the same values, with which to enter into dialogue and exchange good practices,with a view to bringing diversity and inclusion into the workplace.. Members have access to exclusive training content,, innovative tools, events dedicated to the network and activities geared towards working on ESG factors.

Contacts, engagement and sharing

A community that puts people in contact, promoting the exchange of experiences, ideas and best practices..

Training activities, tools and content

Experiences of growth, events, exploitation of the indicators set out in the integrated balance sheet and tools for the measurement of inclusion within organizations.

Primo piano di una professionista all’interno di un ufficio che sorride.​

Representation in institutional contexts

Representation of the network of member companies in the most important institutional contexts, where innovative tools can be rolled out to manageinclusivity within companies.

Panoramica del palazzo del Quirinale.​
Primo piano di una donna e un uomo che si confrontano davanti a un laptop in azienda.
Gruppo di persone durante una riunione di azienda.​

Member companies

A network with which to share moments of value

By working as a network everything becomes simpler,even dealing with the most challenging issues of a constantly changing world. Joining the Valore D network brings innumerable benefits that range from training to the exchange of ideas and best practices,and from research to dedicated events. Valore D offers this and much more in order to compare, share and construct a work environment, or even a country, that is more inclusive.

From small and medium-sized enterprises to large companies, organizations with different characteristics find a place under the Valore D umbrella.. Accordingly, we have designed four membership levels: Ambassador, Supporter, Ordinary and Junior. To meet everyone’s needs.

One network, many advantages

Have you ever thought that happiness in the world of work is one of the most powerful generative forces, with large-scale impacts?
people with a greater sense of belonging to the company are not only more fulfilled but they also generate greater innovation and productivity, and achieve higher levels of performance. . Numerous tangible benefits for individuals and organizations.

Member companies
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Turnover of the companies in the network
Platea di persone che applaude durante un evento.
Primo piano di un professionista che sorride mentre è seduto davanti al suo laptop in ufficio.

Together for a fair and inclusive future

More than 350 companies have already decided to become part of the Valore D network. Unisciti a noi per fare la differenza!

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