Cultural change comes out of extraordinary companies

Find out what Valore D is all about: the engine of inclusiveness in organizations

Valore D is the first association of companies in Italy that promotes gender equality and an inclusive culture in organizations and in the country as a whole. How does it do that? By providing businesses with effective tools and enabling engagement between companies and with institutions.

Valore D was established in 2009 by 12 managers from 12 virtuous companies: AstraZeneca, Enel, General Electric, Johnson&Johnson, IKEA, Intesa Sanpaolo, Luxottica, McKinsey & Company, Microsoft, Standard&Poor’s, UniCredit and Vodafone.
Over time, Valore D has succeeded in getting an ever-increasing number of businesses onboard, so that it now boasts an extensive network of member companies, accounting for more than 2 million employees and an aggregate turnover of €500 billion.

The impact of Valore D’s initiatives within companies is certified by the results achieved so far: 87% of the member companies have implemented employee welfare plans for the wellbeing of their staff and their families. Moreover, 74% of them have recognized the crucial role played by Valore D in helping them to activate an effective inclusion plan. Moreover, 74% of them have recognized the crucial role played by Valore D in helping them to activate an effective inclusion plan.


The story of Valore D, working on the front line since 2009 towards a fairer, more inclusive society

Retrace the journey that has led Valore D to become a frame of reference on matters of diversity, equity and inclusion.

The organization and the people
who breathe life into Valore D’s activities

Learn about the governance structure

How does Valore D’s organizational structure work? How has it evolved over time? Who sits on the Board of directors today? Find the answer to these and other questions on Valore D’s governance structure.

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Meet Valore D’s team

Behind every result achieved by Valore D lie the people who make it possible, thanks to their professionalism and unwavering commitment. Find out who’s who on Valore D’s team and which values guide their input.

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