Fair, inclusive, sustainable: this is the future we are aiming for

Together with companies for a fair and inclusive culture of diversity

Valore D puts its weight behind companies to develop ambienti working environments that are geared towards the future and which are capable of making the most of existing talents.The association’s activities accelerate the trasformation of businessesinto enviroments where potential is tapped to the full, thanks to new models of leadership, the continuous cross-fertilisation and the exchange of good practices, to make society a better place in which to live and work.

Platea di professioniste che partecipa a un evento organizzato da Valore D.


We want a professional world without discrimination in which female empowerment, inclusivity and the enhancement of differences are leveraged to become the engine of growth and sustainable development, for companies and for Italy as a whole.


As a network of companies, we work towards ensuring the recognition of individual differences as a cornerstone of society. We work towards the creation and development of organisational models that have what it takes to include and make the most of diversity, starting with gender diversity, through participation, collaboration and dialogue between member companies. With our good practices, we want to serve as a booster for change in the world of work and in society.

Gruppo di giovani professionisti e professioniste di background culturali diversi che sorride all’interno di spazi aziendali.

We are Valore D.
D stands for many things that really matter to us

Since 2009, we have been supporting companies, helping to develop more inclusive working environments and a fairer society


Working with companies to promote diversity as a value multiplier – because diversity is power.

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Overcoming economic and cultural gender gaps in companies and in society, for a level playing field in which potential can be tapped more equitably.

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Valore D works to ensure that differences can be a strength for companies and for Italy as a whole.

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Primo piano di Barbara Falcomer, direttrice generale di Valore D, che sorride.

Barbara Falcomer
General Director, Valore D

Thanks to the companies that share our mission and vision, we deliver tangible results to make the most of human resources and to make companies more inclusive environments.