Analysis and monitoring are the foundations of real impact

Research, dissemination and measurement for more inclusive companies

Since 2009,Valore D has been supporting businesses in their efforts to reach their inclusivity and diversity objectives. Thanks to its wide-ranging understanding of the needs of companies, the association. is able to provide organizations with tools to implement DEI strategies. It can do so thanks to a structured approach towards the issues, through the analysis and monitoring of inclusivity indicators, and through the dissemination of a comprehensive picture of corporate policies on diversity and equity.

Study Centre

To generate change in the workplace and in society, it is necessary to take an analytical and scientific approach to DEI issues.


The association places at the centre of its activities the analysis of the relationships between people, companies and institutions, to make inclusive models of governance and leadership available to organizations.

Measuring and monitoring

The association supports businesses on the measurement and monitoring of indicators of inclusivity and diversity within the company, thanks to analytical and benchmarking operations.


Valore D designs research and scientific studies in partnership with universities, research institutions and companies in the network, to then share them with corporate and institutional stakeholders.


Valore D promotes the observation and analysis of Italian and international scientific research and data to support the association’s activities.


Thanks to its central database, the Study Centre co-ordinates the compilation of Best Practices on various matters associated with inclusion, enabling the sharing of know-how between member companies.

Gruppo di persone di background diversi e con disabilità che si confronta all’interno degli spazi aziendali.


Negli anni Valore D ha collaborato con organizzazioni e istituzioni per sviluppare varie tematiche legate all'inclusione in azienda: approfondisci ricerche scientifiche e pubblicazioni realizzate dall'associazione con enti autorevoli e accreditati.



A consultancy service custom developed for companies that want to be supported by Valore D on the construction of an inclusive culture.

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Inclusion Impact Index Plus

Valore D’s tool that makes it possible for all companies, members or otherwise, to map their policies of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion.

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