Continuous exchange is the engine of growth

An open dialogue with companies for a more inclusive society

Since its establishment, Valore D has been supporting the value and importance of diversity as a factor for innovation, competitiveness and growth, thanks to sharing and productive engagement. To share value is to create value: the dialogue between the companies in the network represents the key element of the activities, which are geared towards supporting organizations in their efforts to generate more highly developed, inclusive, generative models of governance that are truly capable of driving sustainable growth.

Sharing Value

To be a part of Valore D’s network is to contribute to an interconnected system that has what it takes to generate an exchange of tools and knowledge in order to address the most challenging issues in an ever-changing world.


Inter-company communication underpins Valore D’s network, which is capable of dealing with DEI issues thanks to ongoing dialogue.

Sharing of know-how

The sharing of corporate best practices makes it possible for companies to exchange know-how with a view to creating new synergies, affording the opportunity to create a shared set of assets for the growth of the network.

Inter-company working groups

The exchanging of best practices accelerates and enhances the corporate processes, thanks to inter-company working groups, which afford opportunities to disseminate the culture of inclusion.

Dialogue between companies and institutions

Valore D enters into dialogue with Italian and European institutions as a reliable, responsible partner, making a positive difference to the social and cultural journey towards greater gender equality in the workplace.


Younicity Platform

Younicity is Valore D’s platform where people of member companies can access services and training experiences on Diversity, Equity and Inclusion.

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Best practices

Every member company can consult a wide range of best practices on Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, collected across companies in Valore D’s network. Explore the service

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